How Do You Grade Diamonds?

The crucial features that are graded and quantified in diamonds are color, cut, clarity and the carat heaviness. So when you choose to purchase a diamond it does not necessarily have to be itchy experiences rather just evaluate the 4 C’s. You can also check for other characteristics like the polish, symmetry, fluorescence, light return, etc. Today there are various sites with guides that offer tools and facts you require to keenly evaluate the quality and value of the diamond of your choice with ease and confidence. There are numerous factors, related to the 4 C’s that mark the value of a diamond since each diamond comes unique in its own way. You should concentrate on these factors and select from Brilliant Earth, a diamond that pleases your unique personal standards for splendor and value. Here is how the 4 C’s are scaled.

  1. The Color

Some of the diamonds that are highly valued because of their color are blues, pinks and also yellow diamonds. Occurrence of another color tint will bring down the value of the diamond. The value of a white diamond for instance, will be higher when there is minimal body color in it and reflecting more real color. Most diamonds are rated on a color scale by the Gemological Institute of America. GIA views the diamond in an environment created to exclude color from the source of the light and the surfaces surrounding. In today’s world, almost all diamonds are scaled using the color rating provided by GIA and has embraced the diamond industry.

  1. The Clarity

The Clarity is scaled by checking the diamond below magnification and defining how clear the stone is of noticeable defects, or additions. The diamond’s clarity will be scaled high if no inclusions are seen under a microscope and rated low if inclusions can be seen with naked eyes.

  1. The Cut

The Gemological Institute of America assesses the cuts on a rating which are on Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor grading. There are many other grading institutions that have different naming for their grading but in actual sense the rationality is not different. Lower-rated cuts tend to look not as bright as highly graded diamonds with higher brilliance.

  1. The Carat

A carat is actually a unit of measurement, One carat = 0.2 grams or 200 ml.  If you want to know the carat of a diamond, weigh it then convert the weight to carats by dividing by 0.2. This is an important feature since the bigger the stone the more expensive it will be.

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