How to Buy a Diamond Ring Without Getting Duped?

Everyone knows that diamond, quite exquisite and sparkling gemstones are vital to making every occasion not only special but also memorable. Whether for valentine or engagement, lovebirds tend to turn to a diamond as they mark any special occasion. These rings make great gifts all the time. They cost more than a car and many other lovely belongings and for that matter when people are set to purchase them, they are very afraid if being apprehensive isn’t the right word. They are afraid of getting duped in the process of buying them. Not only being street and book smart will make you free from being taken advantage of by vendors, but you also need to have some handy tips to ensure you are not duped.

You need to know the basics of diamond

It is not easy to tell whether a diamond is real or fake despite it shining brightly. In fact, many your illegitimate vendor will take the advantage of the very shine to swindle you. They can end up selling you zirconia instead of a diamond ring. You need to know the basics of diamond, before parting with your hard-earned cash. Below are some of the things to bear in mind before purchasing one.

Be equipped with the 4C of diamonds

These are the cut, color, clarity, and carat. The cut determines the luster of the diamond. Poorly cut diamond looks dull and often makes it look larger. Diamond color grades range from D to Z and as you move towards Z, the price decreases. The diamond’s tiny imperfections or inclusions describe its clarity.  As the number of imperfections increases, its price decreases. Finally, a diamond’s carat is a measure of its weight. As a diamond’s carat increases, so do its price. However, the value of the other Cs in a diamond may affect its weight, so don’t solely depend on the carat, but rather put all the Cs into consideration before you purchase.

Certification Matters

When buying a diamond, certification matters also play a role. A certified diamond is authenticated, and when buying one, your seller will often give you its certification. Grading laboratories or gemological institutes are responsible for certifying diamonds. If your diamond turns out to be fake, the certification will serve as insurance for it. Therefore, only purchase your diamond jewelry from a certified jeweler like Brilliant Earth as they will also accompany a certificate of authenticity along with your precious stone. Also, Brilliant Earth is a certified retailer meaning the shop only deals with authentic diamond rings.

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